Kane Brown’s ‘Mixtape’ EP Drops Today

Kane Brown's seven-song EP called Mixtape Vol. 1 is available today (Friday, August 14th). The project includes four tracks that Kane has released since the start of 2020, along with three previously unreleased songs, all of which he co-wrote. Mixtape Vol. 1 includes Kane's two current singles, the Top 10-and-climbing country hit, “Cool Again,” and his Top 40 hit, “Be Like That,” a collaboration with Swae Lee and Khalid.

Kane tells us this collection of songs is appropriately titled Mixtape because it shows his diversity as an artist. ["Country music always has my heart. I'll never leave country music, but it's cool to be able to do all these things. When everybody's like, 'Oh, this is pop country,' yeah, I'm a pop country artist and this EP's kind of just showing everybody that. Like I have a song with Swae Lee and Khalid, album's gonna have a song with H.E.R. on it. There's  probably gonna be some other artists on there, like features on there, but then I like having 'BFE' on there cause it's kind of like this is what I grew up on, the 90s sound of country music. That's why I called it the 'Mixtape' because it's like all of my sounds into one."] SOUNDCUE (:34 OC: . . . sounds into one.)

Kane recently released a remix of "Cool Again" featuring rapper Nelly, along with the video which the two recently shot in Miami. 

Kane Brown On Mixtape EP :