Kane Brown’s Success Gives Him Ability To ‘Help People’

Kane Brown has had nothing but success since signing his record deal with Sony Nashville in 2016. He's set all kinds of Billboard chart records, charted several Number One hits and sold out headlining shows around the country, and yet, according to Kane, very little has changed about his life. He tells us: “It hasn't changed for me at all. I have a nicer house for myself but that's it. You know, I get to take care of my family and my friends. If anybody ever needs anything I can help them out, stuff like that. That's the only thing that's changed in my life is just being able to help people and be in a good place and just love and enjoy life.”

Kane continues climbing the charts with his latest single, “Cool Again.”

The song will be included on an upcoming project.

Kane Brown On How Life Has Changed For Him :