Keith Urban Found ‘God Whispered Your Name’ To Be A Great Fit

Keith Urban is making his way toward the top of the country charts with his latest single, “God Whispered Your Name.” Keith didn't write the song, but he tells us that when he connects with something that he feels like he wishes he wrote, he knows it's the perfect fit. [“It’s just the song. The song is everything, and it either feels like something that works for me or doesn’t. Because a lot of times I can love a song and go into the studio and cut it and work and work on it, and I can’t get it to fit, you know? It’s so frustrating sometimes. It’s like seeing a great jacket in a store and you put it on and you go, ‘Is it me?’ And your friends are like, ‘Not really. (laughs) Then you buy it anyway and then you never wear it. I think if you’re a writer and you want to cut a song you didn’t write, it’d be one you’d wished you’d written.”] SOUNDCUE (:29 OC: . . . wished you'd written.)

"God Whispered Your Name" will be included on Keith's upcoming studio album, The Speed Of Now Part 1, which will be released on September 18th.

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