Kenny Chesney To Kick Off Tour April 20


Kenny Chesney has been getting things ready for his upcoming Sun Goes Down 2024 Tour. It kicks off April 20 in Tampa and will make stops in cities such as Minneapolis, Syracuse, Atlanta, Chicago, Seattle, and Boise.

He’s involved with everything from sorting out the video to use, to what lights he wants on stage. And of course working up songs and rehearsing with his band is top priority. With the recent release of his new album, Born, fans are sure to hear some of those songs live.
We asked Kenny about his new record and he told us this:
“I think the best thing someone could say about this album Born is that it reflects me…is that it’s genuine, it’s not made-up and there’s just a lot of me on it. It’s a fun record to listen to. It’s an emotional record to listen to. It’s a mirror to my life and I think that’s what I would say when somebody asked me what do you want people to hear from this? What do you hope they take away from it? And that would be it.” SOUNDCUE :23