Kip Moore has a new album on the way: “We ain’t messin’ ‘round with this one”


Kip Moore is ready to share his next musical chapter with fans.

“Just officially finished record #5,” the singer announced on Twitter this week. “Sealed. 13 songs none of you guys have heard. We ain’t messin’ ‘round with this one.”

The next project will be the first full batch of tunes fans have gotten from Kip since 2020’s Slowheart, though he hasn’t been entirely quiet over the last couple years. In January, he sent a revamped version of “Crazy One More Time” — a fan favorite off Up All Night, his 2012 debut — to country radio.

Even though it’s been 10 years since the release of his major-label studio debut, Kip’s got a particularly passionate fan base, and they don’t forget their favorite songs. That’s something he loves about his listeners, and he says he made his newest project with those diehards in mind.

“Cheers to all the loyal fans. Thank you,” Kip adds. “We do it for you.”

No word yet on when the next album will arrive, but in the meantime, you can get your Kip fix at a live show. For details about where he’s performing this summer, visit the singer’s website.

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