Kip Moore Offers Apology To Black Community, Good Police Officers

Kip Moore is among the country artists who have turned to social media to address injustice in the world. He shared a video of a black child and a white child playing together, captioning the post with an apology to the black community, to good police officers, and to God.

He wrote, "To the black community…I’m Srry that you’ve screamed for so long about feeling oppressed and it’s fallin on deaf ears. You matter. I hear you, i see you, and I have nothing but love for you. To the police officers all over… Im Srry that those of you doing the job the right way, always get lumped into the same category with the few doing it the wrong way. I’m thankful for you guys and know most of you have your heart in the right place. We should celebrate your bright days more. To God, I’m Srry that we’ve been here this long and continue to be terrible to each other. I’m sure your vision for us looked drastically different. I Hope we can work towards changing that now…Not soon, but now. #onelove"