Kip Moore On Livestream Performances: ‘I Don’t Want This To Be The New Standard’

Artists these days are sharing their music via livestream performances whether for charity or just pure entertainment. Kip Moore has done a handful of such performances, but he tells us that in all honesty he's not a fan. ["I love playing by myself, like I've been sitting around here at this lodge just playing all the time but it honestly feels a little awkward for me, but I know that it brings levity to people so I wanted to do it, but it takes the human element out of playing. It's definitely not something I want to get used to doing. I don't want this to be the new standard."] SOUNDCUE (:20 OC: . . . the new standard.)

Kip has been sheltering-in-place at a lodge he owns along with some friends in Kentucky.

He's climbing the charts with "She's Mine," the debut single from his new Wild World album, due out on Friday (May 29th).

Kip Moore On Livestream Performances :