Kip Moore On New Album: ‘It Probes The Questions And Makes You Search’

Kip Moore's fourth studio album, Wild World, is available everywhere today (Friday, May 29th). He co-wrote all but one track of the 13 songs, and he says the project reveals an honest and insightful look at his own vulnerabilities.

Kip tells us he hopes listeners can apply some of his insight to their own lives. [“I hope that they find joy in this record the way I found joy searching for simplicities in life. I hope that it means something to them the same way it did for me. I think there’s a search for faith throughout this record and how that looks to all of us. It might take on different shapes and forms for each of us, but it definitely probes the questions and makes you search.”] SOUNDCUE (:20 OC: . . . makes you search.)

Last night (Thursday, May 28th), Kip's new documentary, 7 Days At The Rock, premiered on Outside TV. The short film follows the singer through some of his experiences in isolation at his remote rock climbing facility, BedRock, located in Red River Gorge, Kentucky, as well as the weeks leading up to the release of the Wild World album. The documentary will be available on all major streaming platforms and devices including The Roku Channel and Samsung TV Plus. 

Kip Moore On Wild World Album Being Thought Provoking :