Lady A Ready To Usher In Christmas Season Early This Year

The members of Lady A are ready to press fast forward on Christmas this year. Dave Haywood and Hillary Scott tell us that 2020 has motivated them to bring in the holiday cheer a little earlier than usual. ["I wouldn't mind starting early this year. I mean, I think we're all wanting something to look forward to for the holidays. (Charles) You're the after Thanksgiving girl, aren't you? (Hillary) Well, it depends. If I'm hosting Thanksgiving then the tree goes up. (Dave) I like the Thanksgiving play, you know? You have a nice Thanksgiving lunch with the family and then that afternoon is like tree shopping, kind of getting all the decorations out of the attic and stuff so that feels like a good time to me."] SOUNDCUE (:23 OC: . . . time to me.)

Lady A sit in the Top 15 and climbing on the country charts with "Champagne Night."

They recently released the deluxe edition of their 2012 Christmas project, On This Winter's Night. The deluxe edition includes 16 songs, the original 12 tracks along with four new ones.

Lady A On The Right Time To Get Christmas Decorations Up :