LANCO Release A ‘Summer Song’

LANCO released a new song on Friday (July 17th) called "Save Me," which is describes as "a chronological display of the band's deep-rooted love for their spouses combined with a massive sonic-build up." It was co-written by frontman Brandon Lancaster, drummer Tripp Howell, bassist Chandler Baldwin, Andy Albert and Andrew DeRoberts, and is available now at all digital retailers.

Tripp Howell said, “Brandon, Chandler and I were sitting on an L.A. patio one day reminiscing about how trouble can sometimes follow us but we’re lucky to have our spouses to keep us in check. We took the song back to Nashville and focused on how that right person can be the ying to your yang. We’re super proud of this one.”

They shared the song on social media on Friday writing, "We knew y’all needed a summer song…#SaveMe is out now."

LANCO's current climbing single is called "What I See." The song will be included on their upcoming project.