LANCO Teams Up With Purposity To Help Nashville Families In Need

LANCO are calling on the generosity of their fans through the launch of their "Love Runs Deep" movement today through the non-profit mobile app, Purposity. Named after a lyric found in their latest single, "What I See," the initiative enables non-profits and school systems to connect families in need of essentials and LANCO will focus on neighbors in need throughout their hometown of Nashville. To participate in the "Love Runs Deep" movement, download Purposity’s free app on a mobile device and join the LANCO team. Needs will populate under the team page for users to fulfill and those who join the team and fulfill a need will earn an exclusive “Love Runs Deep” tee.

Group member Brandon Lancaster said, “We drive through the streets of Nashville often and still see damage everywhere from the tornados that left a lot of people with nothing. We realized if neighbors were hurting before the pandemic because of that destruction, they are really hurting now with added COVID-19 circumstances. We wanted to help our neighbors in need, but we just did not know where to start. That is where Purposity comes in and we are thrilled to partner with them to create 'Team LANCO' so we, along with our fans, can make a difference.”

LANCO is set to perform during tonight's (Wednesday, July 1st) CMA Summer Stay-Cay live stream beginning at 6 p.m. ET on CMA's Facebook page and YouTube channel.