Luke Bryan Counts On His Sons For Feedback About His Music

Luke Bryan's two sons, Bo and Tate, actually have a lot of input when it comes to their dad's music. Luke says they all often listen to his songs in his truck and the boys quickly develop their favorites, which helps Luke when it comes to including songs on albums and selecting singles. He tells us: ["That feedback is a lot different than publishers, record people. Let's just say the well can get tainted, you know, but with your children . . . I mean, they'll insult me and not even realize it. There have been times through the years that Dallas Davidson, he and I will write a song and Dallas will sing the demo because, heck, I wasn't in town and then the boys will tell me that they like Dallas' version better than mine (laughs)."] SOUNDCUE (:29 OC: . . . better than mine (laughs).)

Luke says that his last chart-topper, "One Margarita," was at the top of his sons' list of favorites off his latest album, Born Here Live Here Die Here.

He's currently climbing the charts with "Down To One."

Luke Bryan On His Kids Having Input On His Music :