Luke Bryan Reflects On September 11th 20 Years Later

Luke Bryan had moved to Nashville from Georgia just 10 days before the World Trade towers were hit by terrorists in 2001. He recalls being awakened by a phone call from his sister and that moment where, as he says, "the world changed."

Luke tells us: ["I never will forget. I was in bed and my sister called and said, ‘Turn on the TV. A plane had flown into the World Trade Center,' and I turned it on and like so many other people, I saw the second plane hit. And at that moment a lot of innocence is forever lost and that’s certainly when the world changed. And I remember almost getting in the car and going home and spending some time with my family, but I wound up kinda toughing it out in Nashville, but it was a challenging moment being away from your family when that happened.”] SOUNDCUE (:35 OC: . . . when that happened.)

Luke will be performing a show on this year's 20th anniversary of 9/11. He'll take the stage at Three Sisters Park in Chillicothe, IL on Saturday as part of his annual Farm Tour.

Luke Bryan On Anniversary of September 11 :