Luke Combs Co-Wrote ‘Forever After All’ As He Moved Into His New Home

As Luke Combs has continued success with his songwriting. We asked him about his #1 hit, “Forever After All.” Here’s what he told us: Yeah, yeah, that was the first song that I wrote here in my new house that we moved into, I guess over a year ago now, I wrote that with some guys that I’m really good friends with, Drew Parker and Rob Williford, I had that idea kind of going around in my phone and we just knocked it out that day, we knocked it out good. I was kind of in that mood of “we just moved into our house that’s going to be our home for a long time together, so I was just kind of in that moment, in that state when we were writing that song, and I’m glad that I feel like we did a great job on it.

Luke Combs On Forever After All :