Luke Combs describes his “crippling” OCD experience, how his son’s birth shifted his perspective


Luke Combs has noticed a major shift in his worldview since the birth of his son in June. “Your whole perspective changes,” the singer told Kelleigh Bannen during an interview on Apple Music Country.

“There’s stuff that used to matter as far as the things that you worry about, you just don’t really worry about that stuff anymore,” the star continues. “… almost instantly. You’re just kind of like, ‘Don’t care about that. Don’t care about that.’ And I was fine before, but I did tend to have pretty tremendous anxiety at times in my life.”

Luke has previously opened up about his experience with obsessive compulsive disorder, which often centers around health anxiety. Now, he describes the symptoms he felt — particularly before his son was born — as “crippling.”

“I look at things now in ways that I never would’ve been able to before,” he reflects. “And even before the kid. After getting married and then spending a lot of time at home during COVID. Just a bunch of stuff happened. It was time to process all of this craziness that’s happened in my career, too. I mean, that’s important.”

After spending the bulk of his summer at home with his wife and infant son, Luke will embark on his Middle of Somewhere Tour this fall.

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