Luke Combs Gives Backstory On Carly Pearce Hit

The very first song that Luke Combs ever co-wrote with a fellow artist is Carly Pearce's current hit single, "I Hope You're Happy Now." Luke tells us that he was digging into the story of Carly's then-new love, Michael Ray, when the song emerged from the conversation. ["It was kind of right when she had just announced that her and Michael Ray were dating and so I was just being nosy pretty much and I was like, 'Hey, give me the run down of this whole thing,' and she just kind of started telling me the story of how they met and how she left the person she was with before, and I had had that title in my phone for a long time and always thought it was a really cool play on words."] SOUNDCUE (:27 OC: . . . play on words.)

"I Hope You're Happy Now," featuring Lee Brice, sits in the Top Five at country radio.

Luke recently topped the charts with "Does To Me," featuring Eric Church.

Luke Combs On Co-Writing Carly Pearce Single :