Maren Morris And Husband Feel Like Official Parents

Maren Morris and her husband, fellow artist Ryan Hurd, welcomed son Hayes at the start of the pandemic shutdown and have spent the last several months getting re-adjusted to being around one another everyday as well as getting to know their infant son and fully embrace the roles of parenting.

Maren tells us: ["This is the most that my husband and I have ever seen each other cause we’re always touring, so we’ve really learned to enjoy each other without having to miss each other, if that makes sense. So that’s been nice, and then, yeah, learning how to be a parent, feeling like some days you suck at it and then other days you’re crushing it. I think the day Hayes started sleeping through the night was when we were like, “We did it, we made it this far, we’ve kept him alive, he can sleep through the night, feel like we’re parents now.”] SOUNDCUE (:30 OC: . . . we're parents now.)

Maren is climbing the charts with her latest single, "To Hell & Back."

She recently performed her chart-topping hit "The Bones" on CBS' Late Late Show With James Corden.

Maren Morris On Officially Feeling Like A Parent :