Maren Morris Announces New Album Release In March

Maren Morris’ new album, Humble Quest, will be released on March 25th. It includes her brand new single, “Circles Around This Town,” which was just released last week. Maren announced the album news on social media yesterday (Thursday, January 14th) sharing pictures of the album cover and other art along with a lengthy letter to fans in which she described the record as "country-er" than her last and "really hopeful."

Maren wrote in part, "It turns out the pandemic did humble me. Shooting off my mouth one time too many humbled me, the death of a beloved friend and producer humbled me, motherhood and marriage humbled me. 'Humble' began to feel more like a grounded state of understanding oneself; not so much by being relatable to or understood by all."

She concludes, “Am I humble enough now? Maybe. Or maybe I still haven’t found it yet. Or maybe, who gives a sh** as long as your friends and, most importantly, you know what your heart is all about? But here’s to taking the quest to find out.”

Maren is nominated for two Grammy awards this year — Best Country Song for “Better Than We Found It” and Best Country Duo/Group Performance for “Chasing After You,” the chart-topping duet with her husband Ryan Hurd. The Grammy Awards have been postponed indefinitely due to the ongoing pandemic.