Maren Morris Donates Money To Nashville High School Band

Maren Morris recently donated $70,000 to the band program at East Nashville Magnet High School via her Heroes Fund. She told The Tennessean that "public school music and theater departments (have) always held a special place in my heart." Maren recalled how her own high school choir had to perform in "decade-old hand me down uniforms and sight read from torn books."

She said, "Now that I am where I am, it gives me so much joy to give back money to the spark that enflamed my interest as a creative human being. With so much uncertainty for public schools this year during COVID, I wanted East Nashville Magnet to have one less worry for their fine arts department."

Maren is spending her time these days at home in Nashville with her infant son Hayes and husband Ryan Hurd. While she quit posting pictures of the baby due to social media trolls, Maren tweeted about a milestone on Sunday writing, "I’m currently doing nothing with my life except watching Below Deck but our baby rolled over for the first time today so at least one of us is achieving."