Maren Morris’ Latest Single Fits In With Today’s ‘Reflective’ Time

Maren Morris followed up her Number One hit, "The Bones," with a song called "To Hell & Back," which Maren tells us is apropos for the times. ["I chose “To Hell & Back” to put out as a single right now because I think, you know, we’re in such a reflective time being sort of stuck at home either by ourselves or with our families, with our dogs, we just have a lot of time to have some introspection, and I feel like “To Hell & Back” is very much about accepting your imperfections and the person in your life accepting them as well, whether that’s your partner or your friends or your family."] SOUNDCUE (:29 OC: . . . or your family.)

"To Hell & Back" is the third single from Maren's 2019 album Girl.

She performed the song live during the recent ACM Awards.

Maren Morris On ‘To Hell And Back’ :