Matt Stell Releases New EP Today

Matt Stell's new EP, Better Than That, is available at all digital platforms today (Friday, Oct. 16th). He co-produced the project, which features five new songs, as well as Matt's current Top Five single “Everywhere But On,” his chart-topping hit, “Prayed For You,” and the recently released “If I Was A Bar.”

His last EP, Everywhere But On, was released in 2019. Matt tells us a lot has changed between then and now. ["You know now I've got songs on an EP that people have heard before and hopefully that serves as a springboard to kind of get people introduced into what I'm doing now, what I'm about because I feel like with as much as I've been writing and as much attention and care as I've paid to that I've really kind of found a sound and a voice that I'm really comfortable with, and so making music with that sort of ammunition is good. That's what's really different about it from then and now, for sure."] SOUNDCUE (:29 OC: . . . now, for sure.)

Matt's debut single, "Prayed For You," topped the charts last year.

Matt Stell On Finding His Sound On New EP :