Matt Stell Releases New Song, Plays 13 Characters In Video

Matt Stell is still climbing the charts with his latest hit, "Everywhere But On,” but he's sharing some new music with fans. On Friday (June 12th), he released a song called “If I Was A Bar,” along with a video that was filmed following social distancing guidelines and has Matt playing 13 different characters.

He said, “It was so much fun. We basically took different aspects of my personality and turned them up to eleven for this. Doing it reminded me of some of my favorite scenes in my favorite movies."

“If I Was A Bar” is written by Dan Isbell, Zach Kale and Jonathan Singleton, and from the first time he heard it, Matt tells us he loved its unique perspective. ["Basically the song is about a guy that who gets left and he’s trying to think if he was a bar he’d be all the things that she didn’t like in the bar.  Especially, when he’s trying to get over her- Get over a broken heart.  So, instead of just going to a bar, if he was actually the bar.  And I just thought ‘Man, what a creative way to talk about  something that, you know, country music is famous for, which is drinking songs and heart break songs.  So, we bought the party to it and, man, I’m really proud of how it came out.  It was really cool."] SOUNDCUE (:26 OC: . . . was really cool.)

Matt released his Everywhere But On EP in May of last year.

Matt Stell On ‘If I Was A Bar’ :