Michael Ray Releases New Video With ‘Familiar’ Feel

Michael Ray has released the official video for his latest single, "Whiskey And Rain." The clip moves back in time inside a tavern on a stormy evening where Michael joins multiple characters from all walks of life until closing time.

He told SiriusXM, “I wanted the video to feel familiar to anyone who watches it, and I think we accomplished that with a throwback to a honkytonk, but more importantly, I wanted to show how heartbreak can open you up to genuine connections with other people. If you’re already feeling vulnerable, maybe you’re more likely to be a listening ear for someone else, or maybe it makes it more important to champion other folks who are doing well. Opening yourself up to that can help ease your own heartbreak a little faster.”

"Whiskey And Rain" was released to country radio earlier this week. It's the lead release from Michael's upcoming third studio album.