Miranda Lambert Recharges With ‘Quiet’

Miranda Lambert says that her 30s have allowed her to slow down a bit and actually be happy about it. The 36-year-old has experienced some big ups and downs over the past few years but Miranda tells us she has learned to handle it completely differently than she used to. ["I truly think pain sort of resets you a little bit in a good way. I mean, it sucks at the time, obviously, but then it forces you to sit in the quiet and face yourself, and I've not ever been comfortable in my 20s with silence and quiet. I was just constantly filling space with things or people or projects. That's how I used to recharge was noise and things to do, and now I recharge by quiet."] SOUNDCUE (:29 OC: . . . recharge by quiet.)

Miranda and her husband, Brendan McLoughlin, have been spending a lot of quiet time together during the quarantine. The two recently bought a new Airstream and have been traveling the country, camping and taking in the sights.

Miranda sits inside the Top 10 and climbing with "Bluebird."

Miranda Lambert On Recharging With Quiet :