Miranda Lambert Shares Rare Look At Personal Life In ‘Settling Down’ Video

The video for Miranda Lambert's latest hit, “Settling Down,” gives viewers a rare glimpse at the singer's personal life with her husband, Brendan, at their Nashville area farm. She tells us: “I think the idea for the video was just to show a little behind the scenes. I’m not one of these people that usually puts my personal life out there too much, but I think it’s a good way to do that through my music and I feel like I needed to you know let people a little bit behind the scenes and see that I’m actually really happy, and healthy, and in love and you know I got a good thing going.”

“Settling Down” is a Top 20 hit and climbing on the country charts.

On Sunday (March 14th), Miranda took home the award for Best Country Album for Wildcard at the Grammy Awards. “Settling Down” is the third single from that album.

Miranda Lambert On Showcasing Personal Life In ‘Settling Down’ Video :