New Garth Brooks Album Out On Friday

Garth Brooks will release a new album on Friday (Nov 20.) It features “Shallow,” his duet with wife Trisha Yearwood as well as “Dive Bar” with Blake Shelton. Garth tells us more: “The whole reason why FUN hasn’t been released was hesitation of having fun or celebrating Fun’s release in the midst of a pandemic when people are struggling. But now the pandemic has gone on so long, the question became could we just have a little fun? Toward the end of the year, can we just celebrate a little bit of the healing through music? And when an artist gets a chance to be part of the healing through his or her or their music, that’s the greatest honor of getting to…to be a musician or an entertainer or an artist.” :30 (OC: entertainer or an artist)

Garth Brooks On Releasing Fun During a Pandemic :