Old Dominion Members Don’t Agree On Best Christmas Movie


While bandmembers of Old Dominion are home with their families for the holidays, we talked to three of them earlier about their favorite Christmas movies. Between Matt Ramsey, Geoff Sprung, and Brad Tursi, we got three different answers and four different movies. Starting with Matt, here’s what they told us: Matthew: Christmas Vacation is the must-watch movie for me… holiday season or not, that’s one of my favorite movies period. Geoff: Mine has become Elf, especially now that I have got a little kid to watch it with. That’s mine. Brad: I’d say It’s a Wonderful Life and A Christmas Story, the two that I always end up seeming to have my eyeballs on. :21 (OC: to have my eyeballs on)

Old Dominion On Christmas Movies :

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