Old Dominion Tells The Story Of Their New Single

Old Dominion recently announced they would be performing a medley of their songs during the ACM Awards Show on September 16. Although they haven’t announced which songs will be included, fans certainly hope “Never Be Sorry” is on this list. Lead singer, Matthew Ramsey tells us about their new single: [“Never Be Sorry” is about that, you know, unfortunate realization that people get to sometimes where your relationship just wasn’t what you thought it was and what it used to be. And, that’s a hard place to be and a sad place, frustrating place sometimes, but it’s also, you know, important to remember that you loved that person and you shouldn’t be apologetic for loving that person. And, maybe it didn’t work out. You know, like the songs says, you know, forever slips away from you sometimes. And, maybe that’s not what was in the cards, but you can’t be sorry for falling in love with that person. That’s what this song is about- remembering those details and those good parts that made that relationship unique and special and will keep it alive in some way forever in your heart.”] SOUNDCUE :51 (OC: forever in your heart)

Old Dominion on Never Be Sorry :