On The 10 Year Anniversary, Cole Swindell Looks Back On Debut Album


Cole Swindell will be releasing a new song and album sometime soon. But around this time 10 years ago, hardly anyone knew who he was. This week marks 10 years since the release of his self-titled debut album. 

At the time, we were just starting to hear “Chillin’ It” on the radio and everyone was talking about the new guy that sold t-shirts for Luke Bryan. Well here he is, 4 albums, 5 Eps, and 14 hit songs later, looking back on his first single: 

“Well, there’s not much of a story behind this when you know when you go in to write a song, sometimes you have an idea, sometimes you have a melody, sometimes you have a title, and this is one of those days I just had the title, ‘Chillin’ It’ and brought it into my co-writer Shane Minor, and we sat down and he started strumming out a melody and we got the ‘shades on top back’ line and just went on with it from there.” OUT CUE :25