Parker McCollum Didn’t Think Hit Song Was ‘Very Good’ At First

Parker McCollum has a hit on his hands with his debut single, "Pretty Heart," but he says that initially he was not a believer in the song. In fact, even though he co-wrote it, he tells us he didn't even like it. ["Honestly, I did not really like the song. I did not think it was very good when we wrote it and then when I was in the studio cutting it for the record and I was singing it I was like, 'Man, this actually isn't that bad. This is pretty good,' and so it's wild to see what it's become now and how well it's doing. It's crazy."] SOUNDCUE (:18 OC: . . . doing. It's crazy.)

"Pretty Heart" sits at Number 22 and climbing this week on the Mediabase chart.

Parker says that he is finished recording his major label debut album, however no title or release date has been announced.

Parker McCollum On Not Liking ‘Pretty Heart’ Initially :