Parker McCollum Put His Wild Side On The Back Burner

Parker McCollum is still a young guy in his 20s, but his maturity and perspective is that of someone much older. Parker released a few albums and EPs on his own before becoming an artist with Universal Music Group Nashville, and now that he's in the big leagues, so to speak, he's had a realization that he needs to focus on his business of songwriting, recording and performing, and leave some of the lifestyle temptations alone.

Parker tells us: ["Me from 21 to 26, I did a lot of living, especially being on the road for a few of those years. It kind of came to a point where I was like I don't want to be the kid that almost made it or the kid that was about to blow up or the guy that had it and lost it, whatever . . . I really was blessed with an opportunity to go do something that nobody from our hometown's ever done, nobody from my family's ever done, on a huge level and I just didn't want to waste it. Somedays I still can get pretty wild so we're working on it."] SOUNDCUE (:34 OC: . . . working on it.)

Parker sits inside the Top 15 and climbing with his debut single, "Pretty Heart."

Parker McCollum On Not Wasting Huge Opportunity :