Parker McCollum Releases ‘Hollywood Gold’ EP

Parker McCollum has released his new EP, Hollywood Gold, which features his current Top 10 single, "Pretty Heart." The EP's album title comes from a familiar story that Parker has heard his grandmother tell many times. He explains: [“I was listening to my Grandma tell a story about this Australian racehorse that my Granddad had been kind of hell bent to buy at one point way back in the day and how he finally ended up buying it and  it ended up getting stolen as soon as they had it, and how my Granddad would go out looking for this horse for months and months at a time and they ended up finding it. It’s a story I had heard all of my life, but I’d never really paid attention to it I don’t think as much until she was telling it this one time and I kept hearing Hollywood Gold, and I said, ‘Man! What a great name kind of for the album or the EP.’ Man, I just think it fit."] SOUNDCUE (:32 OC: . . . think it fit.)

Parker was recently surprised with a plaque celebrating the RIAA Gold certification of “Pretty Heart,” which he co-wrote, along with four other songs on the six-song Hollywood Gold EP.

Parker McCollum On EP Title :