Rascal Flatts’ Jay DeMarcus And Family Heading To Netflix

Rascal Flatts may be going their separate ways musically, but all three members have plenty of projects, businesses and hobbies to keep them busy.  Jay Demarcus and his family will be heading into reality TV territory, as he tells us: ["My family and I have a show coming out on Netflix early in the fall this year, and so I'll be devoting a lot of time to promoting that show as well, so we're not slowing down (laughs)."] SOUNDCUE (:13 OC: . . . not slowing down (laughs).)

The show, called DeMarcus Family Rules, will be released on August 19th and will feature Jay's wife, Allison, and kids Madeline and Dylan.

In the meantime, Rascal Flatts continues climbing the charts with their latest single, "How They Remember You."

Rascal Flatts’ Jay DeMarcus On Family TV Show :