Rascal Flatts Say COVID-19 Wiped Out This Year’s Plans

Rascal Flatts shocked fans earlier this year when they announced the band would be going their separate ways after one final tour, the  Farewell Tour in 2020. The global pandemic forced the trio to cancel the entire tour, and they're still up in the air about whether it will ever be rescheduled. They're also unsure about future projects together past this 20-year anniversary, as Joe Don Rooney tells us: [“We had so much that we were looking forward to with this whole year, and this has just completely wiped all that out. So, it’s almost like a clean slate of emotions going, ‘Well, when, if ever again, can we maybe take what this year was gonna be and apply it to the year ahead, whenever that might be?' We just don’t know. We’re completely clueless for what that might be, but the one thing remains true, is that we’re still able to make music and put music out and that’s got us on a pretty good high right now.”] SOUNDCUE (:26 OC: . . . high right now.)

The new music Joe Don speaks of is their new single, "How They Remember You." They'll also release an EP of the same name on July 31st.

Rascal Flatts’ JDR On COVID Wiping Out Year :