Reba McEntire Releases New Video For ‘Relevant’ 1997 Song

Reba McEntire has released a new music video for a song she originally released in 1997 called “What If.” According to Reba, she felt compelled to re-release the song with an updated video as an encouraging message of hope and positivity.

Reba said, “This song is as relevant today as it was 23 years ago. That’s the power of a great song and (songwriter) Diane Warren is no stranger to writing great songs. Even though we may not be able to physically reach out with just one hand right now, we can still be there for each other and take care of our neighbors, essential workers and medical professionals. Re-releasing this song and updated video with its message of care, hope and love felt like the right thing to do. Maybe we still can change things.”

Reba tells us that she hopes to inspire people by re-releasing “What If.” “Now more than ever, the song ‘What If’ hits close to home. Well, even though it may feel like we’re living in a world gone mad, you know we can still fond ways to make a difference and hopefully change things.”

“What If” is available for the first time on all digital platforms.

Reba McEntire On ‘What Ifs’ :