Reba McEntire To Release ‘Reba In Concert’ On YouTube

Reba McEntire is set to re-launch another concert special exclusively on YouTube this Friday (August 28th) at 8:30 p.m. ET. This is the first time this special, Reba In Concert, will be available digitally. It was filmed in 1990 at the Frank Erwin Center in Austin, Texas and serves as a dedication to Reba’s original band members (included in the special) who were all killed in a plane crash the following year. It also includes some of Reba's biggest hits like “Fancy,” “You Lie” and “Whoever’s In New England.”

Reba said, “This show is very special to me because it features my friends that we lost in a plane crash 29 years ago. Their love for music and incredible talents deserve to be seen again, and I’m so glad that we’re getting the chance to stream this concert for the first time ever. I can’t wait to watch it and I hope they will feel all the love we still have for them.”

Last month, Reba released her 1994 concert special Reba: Live, which was viewed by over 100,000 fans in just the first three days.