Report: Rascal Flatts Member Going Through Nasty Divorce


Rascal Flatts guitarist Joe Don Rooney and his wife, former Playboy model Tiffany Fallon, are reportedly in the midst of an ugly divorce. TMZ reports Joe Don claims Tiffany has been carrying on an affair with her personal trainer while she says he has also cheated and is abusing drugs and alcohol. Joe Don is said to have filed for divorce in January 2021.

Tiffany has admitted to the adulterous relationship, but blames the affair and breakdown of the marriage on Joe Don's "habitual alcoholism and drug abuse," per legal documents. She also cites the musician's September 2021 DUI as the result of his addiction. 

Joe Don denies the allegations of drug abuse, athough "he admits he's used cocaine a few times," according to TMZ. He also says he is getting treatment for his alcoholism, adding that Tiffany's affair began in 2020 at which time he was sober.

Also at issue is money and custody of the couple's three shared children.

Joe Don and Tiffany have been married since 2006.