Sam Hunt’s Grandfather Served In WWII


Sam Hunt is proud of his family’s military history, and although he hasn’t lost anyone in war, he appreciates those who are mourning on this Memorial Day. Sam tells us more about his family: “My granddad was in World War II. He was on the USS Texas battleship, and he was over at Normandy and over near Japan and he spent a lot of time right in the thick of World War II. He really took pride in what that meant, and it was something I got to see it first hand, as somebody who got to experience that; somebody who had that galvanized American trait. It’s hard to describe it. It was just somebody who’s been through that, seen that and really appreciates what that means. I try to channel that into my life, because I haven’t fought in any war, but I have a ton of respect for folks who have, folks who’ve sacrificed, families who’ve lost lives and just sacrificed years of their own lives and time and effort to maintain those freedoms.” : 40 (OC: those freedoms)