Sam Hunt’s Long Break Between Albums Relieved The Pressure For New Music

Fans had to wait almost six years for Sam Hunt's sophomore album, Southside, and while they were begging for new music along the way, Sam tells us EXCLUSIVELY that in taking his time, he was able to relieve the pressure. ["There was pressure I'd say around year four. It was almost like people were like, 'Well, is this guy even gonna put out anymore music,' and there was definitely a time where I didn't really know for sure, and then the pressure I think sort of slowly subsided over the next couple years, and I think with or without the pressure there were other powers at play that I had to take care of before I was in a place that I could I think finish the record, but I think it helped that there was a little more time that had passed maybe because there was not quite as much pressure."] SOUNDCUE (:34 OC: . . . as much pressure.)

Southside has already produced the chart-topping hits "Body Like A Back Road" and "Kinfolks." He's in the Top 10 and climbing with his latest hit, "Hard To Forget."

Sam Hunt On Not Feeling Pressure To Make Sophomore Album :