Scotty McCreery Releases New Single Inspired By Wife

Scotty McCreery released his new single, called “You Time” yesterday (Wednesday, Sept. 23rd). Scotty co-wrote the new track, which gives fans their first look at what to expect from his upcoming album. A release date for that new project will be announced soon.

"You Time" is one of the first songs Scotty wrote for the new album nearly two years ago. At the time, he tells us that he and his wife, Gabi, were like two ships passing in the night between her job as a nurse and his tour schedule. ["We were busy. This was like in the heat of when Gabi was at Duke hospital and she was having to flip flop between night shifts and day shifts and I'd be coming in from the road, but, yeah, we weren't seeing each other a lot then. We're seeing each other a lot right now though, more than we ever have before. It's been nice. It's been a positive this year getting to spend time with her. She's probably ready for me to get back on the road but it's been fun."] SOUNDCUE (:27 OC: . . . it's been fun.)

Scotty recently topped the charts with his last single, "In Between." It was the third consecutive Number One hit from his 2018 Seasons Change album.

Scotty McCreery On Writing ‘You Time’ :