Tim McGraw Puts Acting On Backburner To Focus On Music

Tim McGraw has several successful acting credits to his name, including movies like The Blind Side, Friday Night Lights and Country Strong.  While acting is still one of his passions, he tells us that these days music has been the focus. [“Not workin’ on.  There’ve been a few things that I looked at that have been interesting but gosh, I’ve been so focused on making this record, I didn’t feel like I had time so, I’ve passed on just about everything.  There was one TV series that about a year or two ago we worked hard on, and it was a really good story, a book that I’d read and wanted to try to go make a series out of, and got it all to the table and done but we couldn’t get the script right.  I didn’t want to do it without getting the script right."] SOUNDCUE (:24 OC: . . . the script right.)

Tim is sitting in the Top 15 on the country charts with “I Called Mama.”

His new album, Here On Earth, is due out on August 21st.

Tim McGraw On Not Having Time For Acting Projects 2020 :