Tim McGraw Says Wife Faith Hill Urged Him To Release ‘I Called Mama’

As Tim McGraw celebrates another big hit with “I Called Mama,” he tells us that his superstar wife, Faith Hill had a lot to do with its release: When everybody was going back and forth, even my daughters, about songs, Faith really, she was like a hand that weighed in big time on this song and said, ‘You know, that song will mean a lot to people.’ And for her, having three daughters and having her as their role model, I feel as a dad so fortunate that they can look to her as a guidepost for their life as women. She’s just a special lady and so, when she puts her hand on something, it’s almost like it’s hard to not listen to her for sure. : listen to her for sure (OC:26)

Tim McGraw on how “Mama” resonated with Faith :