Tim McGraw’s Latest Hit Is ‘So Relevant Right Now’

Tim McGraw wasn't initially considering "I Called Mama" as the first single from his upcoming album at the time he recorded it. The song raised its hand as a contender when the global pandemic made its way to the U.S. Tim tells us the song couldn't be more perfect for the times we're living in today. [“’I Called Mama’ was so relevant right now because that’s just who we want to talk to. More than ever, I think that people are reaching out on Zoom and on FaceTime and really trying to connect a little bit more and think a little bit more and being more nostalgic about the people they love and the people they knew and the people they grew up with and the people who really stabilized them in their lives. And I think that that’s what this song is all about and I think that that’s why it’s a perfect time for this song. And when we started recording ‘I Called Mama,’ we all just really got a sense of nostalgia and a sense of, not only mama, but what our family means to us. And I think that that’s what made the song really important to us.”] SOUNDCUE (:30 OC: . . . important to us.)

Tim’s new album, Here on Earth, featuring "I Called Mama," will be released on August 21st.

Tim McGraw On ‘I Called Mama’ Being Relevant Today :