Trace Adkins Announces Free Concert For Mayfield, KY


Trace Adkins will host a free concert called “SOMEWHERE IN AMERICA: A Concert For Mayfield” to aid the Tornado-devastated Western Kentucky region. The event will take place at Mayfield High School’s CFSB War Memorial Stadium in Mayfield, KY, on May 20th.The concert honors the site of a 2021 tornado that leveled the town as it ripped across Western Kentucky, claiming more than 50 lives and displacing thousands in the process. 

Trace said during his appearance on NBC's Today show, "We were looking for a place to do a video for this song on our new album, called ‘Somewhere In America,’ and the song just talks about how somewhere in America there’s still people that have that indomitable spirit, that resilience, and we could think of no place better that exemplified that than Mayfield, KY, so now I’ve spoken with Mayor O’Nan, and she’s been wonderful to work with, and so we’re going to go to Mayfield and give them a pat on the back.”

“Somewhere In America” is featured on Trace's 25th anniversary, 25-song album, The Way I Wanna Go.