Travis Denning Releases New EP Today

Travis Denning releases his debut EP, Beer's Better Cold, today (Friday, May 15th). Travis co-wrote five out of the six songs on the project, including his current hit single “After A Few.

And what will fans learn about Travis from listening to the EP? He tells us EXCLUSIVELY: “Obviously they're gonna find out that beer is usually the number one choice of beverage for me seeing as how I got like nine beer songs on there but I think really what people will learn is that we as people have kind of been through the same thing. We've been through heartbreak, we've been through love, we've been through a relationship that you don't need anymore and we've had some of the best times of our lives with the people we surround ourselves with. There's a piece of me in all of them and with that being the case I think a lot of people will see a piece of themselves in there.”

Travis is set to join Sam Hunt on his Southside Summer Tour scheduled to kick off in July.

Travis Denning On EP :