Travis Denning’s ‘After A Few’ Certifies Gold

Travis Denning is racking up another accolade, his #1 single “After A Few” has officially been certified GOLD by the RIAA.

The news came as a surprise to Travis when his team at his label and management companies showed up with a plaque and did a drive-by parade at his home.

Afterwards he said, “It was awesome and hilarious. So happy and thankful to be able to finally say 'After A Few' is GOLD!”

About the song, Travis told us this: “After a Few’ really shows all the sides that I want everybody to see. I’m a songwriter at heart. I love telling stories. I try to be as goofy and funny as possible at all points in my life, but really, I’m a huge lover of music. That’s probably the first thing that I ever fell in love with was loving all kinds of music.”

Travis Denning On After A Few :