Why Jason Aldean says his latest single, “Trouble with a Heartbreak,” was a “no-brainer” to release


Jason Aldean says “Trouble with a Heartbreak” was a “no-brainer” to release as a single because of to its universal appeal. 

Aldean says part of what made the song so appealing to him was that it sounds different from other singles he’s released recently. The track also has a personal touch, seeing as it was was co-written by two members of his band, Kurt Allison and Tully Kennedy, along with hit songwriter Brett Beavers and John Morgan, a new artist signed to Night Train Records, the imprint of Jason’s record label, BBR Music Group. 

“I love the song. It was so different than anything that we’ve put out, especially in recent times. I felt like it was a changeup from things we’ve been doing,” he marvels. “It’s a real lyric that I feel like anybody that’s ever been through a breakup, which I feel like all of us have, it’s one of those songs that’s relatable that I felt like I wanted to go out and perform every night. It was something I was gonna be excited to go out and sing, and to me, that means a lot too. So that one was a no-brainer.” 

“Heartbreak” is the second single off Jason’s latest album, Macon, Georgia. It’s currently climbing through the top 10 on country radio.

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