“Y’all Life”: Walker Hayes drops a new song, and the music video features some familiar faces


Fans of Walker Hayes and his family just might see some familiar faces in the music video for his just-released new song, “Y’all Life.”

“Y’all Life” is a celebration of life in the south, so it’s only fitting that the music video revolves around scenes of football, church and more. Walker’s family members — including his six kids — are co-stars in the clip.

Also making an appearance in the music video is Craig Allen Cooper, Walker’s close friend and neighbor, who’s also the subject of his song, “Craig.” The song recounts how Craig once extended a helping hand to Walker at a low point in his life; In the video, Craig plays a church pastor.

Walker also recently co-wrote a book with Craig, called Glad You’re Here, about their story, friendship and faith.

In addition to all the fun cameos in the clip, some eagle-eyed fans might notice another Easter egg. At one point in the clip, while Walker’s driving his Ford Bronco around a race track, he casts his eyes toward some nearby bleachers and a banner for insurance company Progressive.

It’s unclear what the banner means, but it’s probably not an accident: Walker recently retweeted a cryptic teaser post Flo from Progressive’s Twitter account, which features images of a beard, mustache, glasses, an ice cream cone and an image of Flo.

“What does it all mean, y’all?” the tweet reads, tagging Walker in the caption, too.

“Y’all Life” is Walker’s latest country radio single. It came out on Friday.

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