Adele admits she would have “self combusted” if she knew Shania Twain was at her show


Adele wrapped up another weekend of her Las Vegas residency, but did so not knowing a special someone was hidden in plain sight among the audience: her icon Shania Twain.

Adele took to her Instagram Story to reveal how she would have reacted had she known Shania was there watching her perform at the Colosseum in Caesars Palace.

Adele shared a snapshot of her walking down an aisle and right in front of the country superstar, who was wearing a hat and seated in the front row. “Thank god you had a hat on @shaniatwain I would have self combusted had I seen it was you!!” she confessed in the caption. “I adore you, I can’t believe you came to my show.”

Shania then shared the snapshot to her own Story and joked back, “Thank goodness we didn’t make eye contact, all I can think of is the reaction of all those fans to @adele combusting halfway through the show.”

The country singer then shared another snap from the concert and wrote, “POV you’re having a magical time at @adele’s Vegas show.”

Adele’s Weekends with Adele residency runs until March 25, 2023.

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