Camila Cabello opens up to Selena Gomez about her mental health


Camila Cabello opened up to about struggling to accept her mental health challenges in a new interview with Selena Gomez for her Wondermind initiative.  Camila is the outlet’s cover star for the month of May.

“There’s obviously such shame that comes sometimes with mental health. From the outside, my life looks great. I can make an album, or I’m in this relationship, whatever. I almost shamed myself by thinking people wouldn’t understand that I have anxiety,” Camila said of coming to terms that she was struggling.

The “Bam Bam” singer took a stand against the misconceptions of mental health by revealing she’s undergoing treatment for her anxiety, such as taking antidepressants and going to therapy.  “Just because you’re in therapy doesn’t mean something is more wrong with you,” she remarked. “I definitely feel like medication can be really helpful and necessary.”

“We all have things that we could work on, we all have tools that we could learn, and it doesn’t mean that you’re ‘crazy’ or ill,” added Camila. “What if you are just trying to work through the stuff that makes you suffer? Don’t we all want that?”

Wondermind’s new issue arrived as Selena debuted a new month-long initiative called Your Words Matter, which is “an educational campaign on how to talk about mental health.”  It will highlight the proper and improper use of words to help “break the stigma.”

Added Selena on Instagram, “When we use mental health-related words for non-clinical situations, we run the risk of making light of larger concerns or defining something incorrectly.  When we recognize our words matter and the importance of word choice, the words we use can also make a positive difference in addressing mental health stigma.”

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